Thursday, June 11, 2009

Don't Give Up!!!

Wow, it's almost been a year since my last post. I am going to change strategy here and perhaps add smaller posts more frequently. Anyway something happened to me this week that was inspiring. Some months back I obtained a $25 gift card from American Express. This was part of a promotion from General Motors that I participated. Last week while shopping at BJ's I attempted to use my gift card and it didn't work! What? I tried using it again and the credit card read out said "INVALID CARD". I looked at the card and it expired on 01/10. Damn!

I know that $25 is not a lot of money, but too much to flush down the toilet. Never fear, I will call customer service and get the card extended. Hello, it seems that my gift card, which I only had for a few months, has expired. Please extend it or issue a new card. I promise to use this one right a way. Sorry Mr. Allen, the agreement with the client does not permit it. How else may I help you? Are you sure there is not ANY way that this could be fixed? No sir, how else may I help you? Damn!

Now, I do have an American Express card for small business. All of my past interactions with American Express, thus far, have been stellar. I called customer service and explained my plight. Well Mr. Allen you say the gift card value was $25? Yes. Please hold, let me see what I can do. 1234567890.... Mr. Allen because you have been an excellent customer and always pay your bill in full on time every month we are going to credit your account $25. Wow, that's great! Thank you so much. Mr. Allen thank you for using American Express. How else may I help you? I am all set. Thank you again.

Don' t give up! The market is still tough out there. Don't give up! Were you the number 2 candidate? Don't give up!

Glenn Allen
Syracuse NY

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